It's a start....

It's been on my mind to start blogging for some time, inspired by my friends who do the same. Well today's onam and I am feeling unusually homesick. I had spoken to my mom in the morning and it brought back all memories of celebrating this festival when I was a kid. When we were in Bahrain, my dad used to make a huge deal out of all occasions....
Be it onam, birthdays, Christmas, new year the whole lot!!! Though I never really appreciated it always back then, looking back today, I see the joy in each and every one of them. The special lunch in a banana leaf for onam, the birthday parties,putting up the Christmas tree, getting together with friends and family... all bygone days..So more than missing all that I suppose I miss being with my parents and I specially miss my dad.

I suppose all he ever wanted was to enjoy life with us all the time... I even remember how my dad was particular about all small details like taking tea in a teapot , cooking everything to perfection( not that my dad really cooked but he loved looking over everything from top to bottom which of course drove my mom to bouts of anger sometimes!!! :D)

So, summing up, Life is to enjoy in the right manner(now that definition can vary for everybody)... but yes, the title song of Kal Ho Na Ho, does speak everything on my mind right now...


  1. Hi dear Hilda,

    Life is all about dreams..Dreams about tommorrows..Work on the present,..Its always good to cherish good things that happened in life..Create much more better situations in life so that the old ones might give way to those bustling new ones....

    Knowing every mintues in this planet is a journey by itself,treat bygones as bygones..

    Wish you the warmth and happiness of Onam 2009.
    Love and Prayers


  2. So true! Celebrations are also a time to get melancholic because of the memories they carry. I guess all of us have our own childhood memories of these festivities and have our fears of whether or not ours or the next generation will have it that good.

  3. I could see the happiness in u Hilda.

    All the festivels created by our Elders is to enjoy and to be happy

    Happy onam to u Hilda

    Keep smiling always

  4. Thanks a lot all of you.... :)

  5. You know we always look back at the past as our good old days! But the truth; those days were really not that good; compared to what we have today!
    Today is the best day we can have! Memories are good but we often underestimate the value of today.
    Today when we look back we think those days were great, and we dont value today, if keep the same perspective then in the future we will be looking at today as a good day!

    1. Your are right of course! Beginning to follow on your words.. but cant completely erase all of the past either, especially since they were quite merry too... :)

  6. hey hilda .. dont u think its our turn now to try and make moments of loved ones special and remember-able!

    Thanks for reminding me too ! We should live life the way we want and just be happy .. hence we reflect happiness to others!

    tc !

    1. Yes it is.. it is indeed our turn! Thanks for the good word.. :)