Hits and Misses

What a mess, what a sight
What a way to put one to fright
What lured me here I curl up on the window sill and wonder,
As I assess the kitchen, all left for me to plunder.

I see the much coveted milk pot
Not to mention the fish covered there,
Never mind that it's store brought.
The biscuits, the pie, the can of meat!
Where to start, where to end,
Calm down my mind and let me comprehend!

The rain outside is a blessed distraction
Else should my sly presence be known and give away my plan of action.
Thank God for the light left on
Lest I hurt myself with a bite gone wrong

Time is short and less to spare
Get started on the treasures soon, rises my hearts' prayer
But alas, there I heard the kitchen door squeak
and now I'm found, by a pair of eyes equally meek.

Author's note:
The above poem is based on the image prompt provided by Magpie Tales (Mag 294)

Joy comes in the morning

Susan tried to respond to her mother's last sentence.
But she couldn't. She didn't know what to say. "saram ila mole, ichiri nerathe aayi poyi enne ullu" (It's ok daughter, it's just a bit early that's all)

Slowly and deliberately, Susan deviated from the subject and ended the call. Knowing what she had to do, she picked her phone again to dial a familiar number. "I need a train ticket to Cochin as soon as possible. Could you arrange it?" "Lemme see." came the reply and the line went dead. Susan was thankful for this confidant who never asked for explanations at the wrong time.

Susan wasn't good at taming her emotions very well. Neither now, nor before. "Kazhikkan vaayo kunje"  (come to eat child) said Mary chechi from the kitchen. Coming out of her daze, Susan looked at herself in the mirror, tucked away her new, peeking gray's and tried not to think of the coming week.

Two and a half years and Learning.

My Mother had a great deal of trouble with me, but I think she enjoyed it ~ Mark Twain

Hello. Well, to start off, Wish you all a month late, but a just as warm, very Happy New Year 2015! I never did think I'll be back at this space ever; but, here I am. :)

Evlyn is 2 years and 7 months young today. It's afternoon and I've picked up a chicken soup and am sitting in my balcony in a quiet house under a bright blue and clear sky. As she sleeps, I'm perfectly elated for this time of peace and solitude that I have got on a holiday.

The stories are short, nice and humorous. It's a chicken soup for mothers of preschoolers and the stories are easily relatable. I do try to read books, listen to speakers, and talk it out to experienced members regarding parenting, disciplining, expressing love and on teaching good virtues. But as a parent, the fear is always there. Not just the fear of their health or if they are eating well or if they are okay at school or if they pick fights with others.

My Brother, My friend…

We've known each other for our whole lives,
From near and from far apart..
We've had moments of anger, laughter, grief and love,
And stood by each other in times that were tough.

I thank God that you are in my life
A face that I can look to in times of smiles and strife
A family is not just about faces, words or physical presence
It’s also about love, care and genuine prayers
Something you've done and shown me how to do.

I've lived in Bahrain till I turned 18. We were just four… me, my dad, my mom and my elder brother. We were a very close knit family… Always went about together, did stuff together as my dad never really thought it was a good idea to roam about the streets of Bahrain without adult supervision. Maybe it was because it was never really safe. Maybe it was safe but he wasn't very sure about it. Maybe he thought, after all the time we spent in school, tutions and for extra-curricular activities, the remaining should be with family. Whatever the reason was, we understood very little of it back then.

The Journey

I joined a world famous club last month! The joining fee was quite expensive as it was painful, and the maintenance fee is even more expensive in terms of worrying, fretting and praying fervently! Any guesses what the club is? It's Motherhood. Yup, I'm a mother today to my sweet little baby girl.

A couple of months ago, my brother had asked me to write a guest post on his blog regarding my pregnancy. Reluctant due to various reasons, I had declined from doing it then. But today, having completed the miraculous journey of 9 months, I'm glad I have such a forum to discuss what I went through. So, calling all mothers-to-be [and others as well ;)] , do read my post here. And psst... come back and leave comments here ok? LOL.

Black n White Please!

  What is it about the old black and white movies that seem so appealing off late?? Be it English, Hindi or Malayalam for that matter, I am tempted to simply curl up with some goodies and turn everything else around me off! Not that I don’t watch or enjoy the latest movies arriving in town, but there is some sort of unnerving simplicity or complacency that calls out when, to name a few, either Dev Anand , Nasir, Waheeda Rehman or Sharada run around trees or cry over a heart break! 

When the Going Gets Tough..

Know that song?? Heard it when I was a kid from the Boyzone album...hardly understood it in the naive ages, but had it memorized to keep up with the 'happening' crowd back then....

I think the words are apt for every walk of life... When the going gets tough, the tough get going...  Ever had to deal with situations calling you to stretch to your max that had you almost snap into two like a rubber band? Or even deal with people for that matter who are absolutely closed nutshells? Friends, parents, kids, relatives, people you care about...Yeah, it can be real tough. Especially when one starts to work at the situation for betterment of the same, it suddenly seems to clam up tight and seem to be a tough nut to crack! The door is all of a sudden bolted tight from the inside as if it has a mind of it's own and is determined not to let you in! And then...and then, what course of action would you take chérie ?