Black n White Please!

  What is it about the old black and white movies that seem so appealing off late?? Be it English, Hindi or Malayalam for that matter, I am tempted to simply curl up with some goodies and turn everything else around me off! Not that I don’t watch or enjoy the latest movies arriving in town, but there is some sort of unnerving simplicity or complacency that calls out when, to name a few, either Dev Anand , Nasir, Waheeda Rehman or Sharada run around trees or cry over a heart break! 

I’m no sadist you see but I somehow have a good time when this happens on screen! :D Maybe it’s the overacting or the not-so-realistic dialogues or even the dramatic sound effects! The ‘Gong-ing’ of a bell or some sort of drumming when disaster strikes or how the ‘Ma-beta’ calls used to be not-so-sensitive! I’m not too sure of how true all this stands for English movies as I have seen only a handful. Maybe like a lot of other interests, this might be just a phase! But for however long this is going to last, it’s going great!

 With Christmas just around the corner and I’m sure there’s a lot of feel-good movies lined up in TV, (I don’t watch much of TV) the one movie I am hoping to watch somehow is Miracle on 34th Street. Doesn’t matter what actually influenced me was a fantastic review or the fact that I already read the story line within the review itself, I think I will really enjoy the movie in spite of all of it.This is a feel-good season of the year and more than anything else, I know I want to feel good! And this movie certainly promises to do that.

Maybe that’s what we all could do a little more with. More than the regular adrenaline-pumping, dishum dishum or heart wrenching sad stories or slap stick comedy, maybe naivety could be brought back in just a teeny weeeny bit more? Though not many, I’m sure there are some people who agree with me here.. are you one of them?


  1. Getting Old Hilda. I mean i m getting old

  2. yes, i concur. Nothing like a good movie with a nice cup of tea next to you.. :)

  3. Nice blog !
    I liked CID movies from NAZIR and adoor bhasi ( Lanka dahanam, CID nazir, postmane kananilla,Cochin Express etc).
    How can one forget " Lankayil ninnu vivbheeshanannu samsarikkunnathu" !!!
    Hillarious stuff...

  4. Nice article.
    How is the movie Mirage on 34th Street ?

  5. Always enjoyed a movie with a good storyline in it, nice article

  6. @Harishankar: Yes, true.. We are all getting old!
    @Santosh: Of course, you and your famous love for tea!
    @Sarath: I;m not sure I'm aware of the movies you are referring to.. :(
    @Ivan: Im yet to watch it.. but the reviews are quite promising.
    @Danny: Me too!