Hits and Misses

What a mess, what a sight
What a way to put one to fright
What lured me here I curl up on the window sill and wonder,
As I assess the kitchen, all left for me to plunder.

I see the much coveted milk pot
Not to mention the fish covered there,
Never mind that it's store brought.
The biscuits, the pie, the can of meat!
Where to start, where to end,
Calm down my mind and let me comprehend!

The rain outside is a blessed distraction
Else should my sly presence be known and give away my plan of action.
Thank God for the light left on
Lest I hurt myself with a bite gone wrong

Time is short and less to spare
Get started on the treasures soon, rises my hearts' prayer
But alas, there I heard the kitchen door squeak
and now I'm found, by a pair of eyes equally meek.

Author's note:
The above poem is based on the image prompt provided by Magpie Tales (Mag 294)


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