My friend's wedding

It's 11:15 am on Sunday the 8th of May 2010.... I m sitting with a cup of coffee in front of me(which is empty already!!!???) and thinking of my dear friend who is in church right now getting married... Are you wondering what am I doing here then? Good question...can't say I don't share that doubt... Was it really the unavailability of tickets that hindered my trip...or was it just the plain fact that I'd hate to see her go in a sense...? Maybe a little bit of both...(I'd say quite a bit more helping of the latter!!!)

I have known her for almost 9 years now and it's been a very close and memorable friendship... Like they say, the older the friendship, the better it gets...just like old wine...

I have to admit, I regret sitting here now when I did have the chance to optimize my chances of going and be a part of her big day...

She's been a tomboy all the while i have known her and today, as she decks up to walk down the aisle with all the grace that makes a woman into a bride...I'm not there to see it when it should be seen... :( :( :(

Well, right here and now how else can I console myself apart from saying she's coming back to Bangalore and I'll get to see the snaps and the video n all....
I feel there is so much more I can write but it has been 2 hours since I have been trying to pen down things in a right way...and by now, she's a lawfully wedded wife already....

I don't think even if I sit here for a whole day I will be able to say how much I wish I was there with her right now...

How will it be when I see her again? Would things remain the same? Would her smile have the same warmth? You think why I am skeptical about it? Because I have seen many friendships fade away once a
wedding band is in the picture...maybe not so for a lot of guys but for girls... It often remains as a warm recollection and nothing else... even in this age and time... :)

But, not letting my hopes down,I believe with all my heart it would be still the same.. all the same, I pray I get the Grace to accept my Lord's will that is kept for our friendship...

So I'll park here with one thought prevailing on my mind:

Friends love through all kinds of weather -Proverbs 17:17


  1. A lot of contemplation and deliberation is prominent in the BLOG. You should have gone for the wedding.--> Manju

  2. Hilda

    Your friend reads your Blog ? Then she is going to scold you since you have time for writing a blog.

    At any cost you should have gone for the wedding.

    Think this way if you would have gone, your friendship would have continued for ever.

    Better late then never. Call her and greet her in her house atleast


  3. @Manju : yes you are right there... I did want to write it in the right way and not blurt out everything on my mind... this way, I have a peace that I have relieved myself from feeling bad all the time.. :)

    @Hari sir: no Sir, she doesn't really read my blog...maybe she will one day...

  4. I have too felt many times of not being with my friends when they need me .. Gosh life has become so fast that we dont have time for ourself

    Anyways , Hilda i appreciate your writing capabilities and i am of a thought that you can be a good writer too.

    Just give a thought...

    Keep writing ....

  5. What can I say ... que sera sera...!
    I know for one you missed an experience, but at the same time experienced a pain of not being there .. don't let such silly strong thoughts come in between ... neways call her say hello! meet her see the album and relive the moments ... but never regret!

  6. @Rahul : Thanks Rahul.. I m not a very avid blogger..just tend to put out things from time to time...

    @Phoenix: ought not to regret about the past... anyways, the good news is, we did talk n to sum up, All is well!!! :) :) Amen!!!

  7. keep it up Hilda... am glad u do write from time to time... u could even use this platform to testify what god has done for u, whether small or big... stay blessed...!

    1. Planning on it Renila.. All in God's timing! :)