Twilight Moments

It's the midnight hour....

And I'm still awake
Causing me to pause and think
Of what lies at stake

The stars mock me silently
From above and beyond
Like all those shadows passing by
Though not twinkling , their smirks can be found.

Hours fly by,
Amounting to days
All leading to nothing
Except thick Grays.

Though you are here,
Just a touch away,
Lost you are in your dreams
Much to my dismay.

Tomorrow comes with it's first ray of light,   
Hiding all other traces beyond sight
A new day is born filled with blessings profound
Leading me to cheer and laugh with those around.

So laugh I must,
Keeping rest all barred
For the truth shall be told
With time keeping guard.

A special thanks to a blessed someone for clearing last minute confusions... :)


  1. Poignant thoughts Hilda. May that tomorrow come soon with its rays of light and hope to stay :)

  2. u write poems too hilda??... am so so impressed... this is surely ur "thing" to do... way to go!!!

  3. Awesome. I really do not know about your talent.

    Keep writing.

    God bless


  4. That is well done Hilda .. Keep it up !!!


  5. hilduuuuu...that poem has meaning in it more than people could read....or is it me feeling lots of hidden words in it....?????? am confused