Make Way!!!

With an out burst of an extended monsoon season here in Bangalore, 2010 bids us all farewell almost as
though unwilling to exit the stage...

Another year gone down the memory lane... Achieved your goals, dreams, desires? Fulfilled your resolutions?? Got a few tears, few bouquets of happiness or both? hahaha... I don't know about you, but I'm thinking I'm in between.. :)

Did get quite a number of things granted from my wish list you see, but the rest... aah well, that's what tomorrows are for isn't it? For consoling the mind that another day's yet to come where in that can be achieved what was not done today. For hope, a stronger heart and maybe firmer resolutions? ?

Every passing year has a lasting imprint.. and 2010, marking the end of a full decade somehow brings a smile... Of better tidings to come... What is past was good, what's coming is only better... I am reminded of what I heard in church, to imagine yourself surrounded with heaps of presents... and I did... imagined heaps of presents of different glittering, dazzling colors.A pile of red, another in blue, gold, green... all left for me to grab and delight myself in.... Too naive? Well, I'd say it's better than picturing what went wrong last year... :P

God is good, All the time... just as it is the black kohl that enhances the eyes, just as the word testimonies is not complete without a 'test' in it, something my brother pointed out to me, the clouds that come always have a hidden silver lining... has the lining behind your dark clouds begun to shine through? If not, fret not dear friend of mine, for in time it will!! :)

So join me won't you, in welcoming 2011 with a big BANG?? Lets make way for the new while holding onto those bouquets 2010 handed us... :)


  1. Hilda

    Nice and keep writing . Your flow of language improved in year 2010. I am sure it is gonna be better in 2011.

    May god bless you

  2. May the year 2011 come with a BANG loaded with all the colorful gifts you wish for.

  3. Just read through the post! Remarkable language flow! Gr8 article too!

  4. @Harishankar : Thank u Sir!!
    @Manju : Wish you the same!!
    @Dr.Danny : Thanks man!

  5. hey hilda,the moment i started reading your post, reminded me my school days...awesome writing yaar..keepup the good work.. :)Have a great year ahead...

  6. Wow, I actually realized I didn't read the whole post earlier. Your language has gone to a new level.
    Expecting more blessings... "exceedingly, abundantly, above all you can ask or imagine" for you this 2011 :)

    1. Thanks Asha!!! Looking forward to the next year unlike the previous years.. Cant wait to tear open all those goodies that's kept in store for me... :)