The Road Back Home..

 "Hilda!! Mole(daughter).. wake up...Hilda "  "mm...Amma....Amma, which morning is this? School morning or TV morning?"  The most beautiful face looking at me breaks into a smile and says " it's time for Tom and Jerry... Ettan(Big brother) has switched the TV on already..come on..." A pair of small hands go up in the air, only to be lifted up with a lot of love and I slump back drowsily on to warm, familiar shoulders...Shoulders which will never let me fall,  never let anything harm me, shoulders of my dear mom..

Hilda!!Hilda!! Wake up!!! It's 5:45!! We have to go to your house tonight no?!!" "Whaaaaaa.......? Where's Amma....? groaaaaannnnnn...." I wake up , rubbing off the sleep from my eyes, trying to get back to reality and take in my surroundings which look drastically different from the world I thought I was in.... Realizing where I was, I pull myself up, reminiscent of a time gone by...

It is the 1980's all of a sudden and I am a kid again... where I had 2 mornings every single day.. One morning was a  dreaded one coz school was waiting and another was a much more endearing and may I say an awaited one where the TV was waiting with yummy sandwiches and juice!!

How many times have I had that dream???  How many times have I wished I was awakened to see my mom standing beside to awaken me in that old flat in Bahrain? How many times have I wished if my current life was all a dream so that I knew what mistakes I would make and possibly take a different decision? How many times...

Have you ever felt the same way? Or is it just me who wishes to take the long winding road back home? To crawl back into those arms that were always open and warm?  Do you ever think, there have been certain circumstances in your life you think you could have handled differently or in a much better way? But then, we would not have been what we are today... And also maybe, those decisions we took earlier, lead us to meet the most wonderful people we have in our lives right now... Too controversial? Of course, the fact  is that Life is a river that flows ever onward. It matters not whether you are happy in your present situation or whether you seek a way out from it. You can’t stay where you are forever. The only way to go is forward.

Maybe it is in fact a good thing to have experiences we are all not too fond of... some learn from them while some don't..the question is are we in a position or surroundings today wherein we are able to provide such a memorable childhood for our young ones?

One day, on a fine sunny beautiful morning, we will by God's grace wake up to find wrinkles on our hands, find ourselves moving with extreme care, taking our own sweet time to do things and waiting for the ride to see our Maker. When we look back then on our days on this earth, we would all like to be proud of at least one intangible that we passed on  if not many.. Do you have any idea what you would want that to be?


  1. What is the mood of the writer? "Moving forward enu ullath correct." All of need to understand.
    But philosophical aayo?

  2. Hey Hilda .. nice to read ur thots .. i always liked reading wat others think n compare them to mine.Well i would never want to go back to childhood i realized.

    the one intangible thing would be for my loved ones to understand that i would always be there no matter wat . its a nice feeling :)

  3. that was a nice read hilda... very touching.

  4. @Danny: Thanks man! You inspire me!!

    @Manju: I m not all to sure how to term the mood of the writer.. however, the philosophical touch also comes with a touch of reality doesn't it? :)

    @Ras: True.. I too believe in voicing out and letting others know such matters coz it's very important to keep the bond strong.

    @Lucid: Thanks dear!